Best Summer, Winter and Spring Camps Activities For Kids and Toddlers


At Nurturekids, our goal is to provide each student with an exposure that balances both their right and left side of the brain with creative and academic activities like summer art activities for toddlers. The summer camps are no different. We have had to change course this year and provide the camps that are usually onsite as online activities for kids in summer camp programs that include kinder readiness, public speaking, technology, and many more. Our focus is to provide an all-round development through summer camp online classes in English & Maths, engage the artist through the painter’s studio and excite the chef through cooking. The fun-based activities for kids in summer camp include the latest themes that include art and craft, challenge their thinking prowess through critical thinking and games to satisfy the fun quotient.


Enjoy Our Summer Camp Art, Science and  other Activities for Kids and Toddlers 


We also provide summer camp activities for toddlers or kids in our preschool programs that focus on academics, art, and craft, motor skill activities, outdoor fun through themes like camping, music, and dance, peek into nature, and public speaking. Our holistic approach towards a child’s development helps us create programs that benefit all children and create a healthy environment.