Even though the world is at a standstill, your kids are not. They are still watching, observing, and learning from every little thing you and your family members do. It becomes imperative to monitor the kind of habits that kids are learning and how to ensure that kids are developing the correct habits.

In Part 1 of this blog, we talked about building a close relationship with your younger ones through fun activities. You can go check this blog right here:*%2Curn%3Ali%3AugcPost%3A6801046615529529344%29


Mandy, a parent of two kids, spoke about her childhood and how her parents always cared for her finances. As she grew up and left to go to college elsewhere, she struggled with handling money and the responsibility that comes with it. She said, “because I had a rough time, I wanted my kids to understand the value of money from the start so they can be careful with it,” and spoke about having a system of allowance as an incentive per task completed.

Based on Mandy’s approach, here are ways to induce good habits for kids’ developing years:

Allowance as an incentive – assign chores to make it easier for tasks to be completed. Upon completion, provide allowance and tell kids that they can spend as needed, but allowance will be limited. This will allow them to learn to be careful with how they spend their money. Here are some fun incentives to choose from –

Junk food/nutrition – Assign a day or two as ‘junk food day’ where you either make food at home together or order in. Other days ensure you are providing nutritious meals for your kids. In case your kids do not like eating their veggies or other healthy foods, here are some ways you can make their least favorite foods taste like their favorite ones –


It becomes imperative to ensure safety from coronavirus, but with the U.S. opening up bit-by-bit, here are some measures you can take to ensure your family’s safety:

Store sanitizers in cars, purses, bags, even in all rooms – We tend to forget that the virus is still out there and might resort back to previous habits, but by thinking two steps ahead and prepping for the worst, you can prevent catching the virus to a large extent.

Keep a mask handy for each member in all cars – Don’t put yourself or your family in situations where, in expectation of a small crowd, you drive off without masks only to arrive at crowd levels that might harm your kid.

• For those still under a lockdown or maintaining proper distance, social involvement ensures that you and your family members speak to at least one person outside of immediate house members every day. This habit goes a long way and will prove fruitful for your child’s developing years, where socializing is a must.

Meditation – Despite family time and activities, your family members can develop frustrations due to the lockdown, impacting their mental health adversely. This holds especially true for kids who do not understand their frustrations. To ensure peace of mind during the pandemic, try inducing meditation time. Meditation could last for as long as you want, with duration increasing per day. This will also help your kids develop a healthy habit that will prove fruitful as they grow up. Here are some meditations for your family and kid –

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Written by:

Hanisha Dewan

Marketing Associate for NurtureKids