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The best Montessori preschool daycare with an exhaustive curriculum featuring both academics and creative activities. Our commitment is towards being a family-friendly preschool and offering the benefits of early childhood education. We let your child’s imagination come to life. Children learn independence at an early age with lesson on practical life included in the curriculum. The academics are also individually tailored to each child’s growth and potential. Our Montessori preschool program offers opportunities for success to each child without competition. At NurtureKids we focus on both the left and right side of the brain catering to both the creative and logical needs of the child. Besides our regular Montessori preschool classes, we have many extracurricular activities like Martial Arts, Yoga, Bollywood Dance, and Spanish and Hindi classes. We occasionally offer the kids a chance to appear on radio shows to give them exposure and develop public speaking and leadership skills. During the summer we have many fun-filled with our online summer camp programs. Whether your search is for a Montessori daycare or just a preschool, we have something for everyone.

We are also equipped to meet the changing needs of the times and adapt to different needs. During the pandemic we are offering online classes for kids and preschoolers that includes a rich curriculum of language, math, storytelling, motor skills, yoga and social science. The classes are only one hour each day and gives the children a chance to interact with different friends and learn at the same time. You can learn more about these classes by sending an email to

We provide, breakfast, snacks and lunch.

Enroll today to give your child an enriching environment that will prepare him/her for life.! We are currently accepting applications for the priority wait list in our early childhood development programs.

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